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Thread: where's the fooking Scalford pics?

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    So, how about some more pics?
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    Quote Originally Posted by YNWaN View Post
    I usually go to the Scalford show with three other friends (if one or more is not already showing), but this year, for a number of reasons, only one of my friends was free to visit the show with me. We still had a great time though and the 'amateur' demonstrators really put the 'professionals' to shame - well organised and super friendly and welcoming. In contrast the pros were their usual rather aloof and standoffish. It was a shame that some of the more extreme exhibitors were missing this year but there was still a lot to see and listen to.

    The two rooms using stand mount JBL's stood out for me and neither sounded at all vintage.

    ken (Qwin), I'm afraid your speaker experiment, although interesting, left me more bemused than convinced. Sorry - but it was interesting.

    The Linn demo and workshop were interesting.

    I took a photo in every room (I hope) and intend to do a write up if I have time.

    Being a busy bunny I also went to the Stylus Vinyl Show in Manchester (saw Marco there briefly - Hi ) - this was a really quiet show, a couple of interesting exhibits.

    Thanks for the JBL feedback. We had a very positive response and at one time, had people on chairs, the floor and the sides of the room and every single one was a repeat visitor! By this time the orange grilles had left the room!

    Please introduce yourself next time; it's nice to put a name and face to a username.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    That's why we (as AoS) stopped exhibiting. It's fun for a bit, but if you've got a room (and kit) to look after, you certainly don't get the chance to go round and enjoy the rest of the show properly.

    Maybe you should find another venue ? There used to be a yearly group meet north but that was mostly DIY based systems and certainly no Trade demos. Does not need to be huge and time it at the other end of the year. An AOS Show.

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    Hi David,

    Yes, we (the mods and members) have discussed that idea on many occasions, but it takes a lot of time and organising to do it right, which unfortunately most of us don't have.

    Maybe one day?

    Anyway, hope you are keeping well. The project you discussed on another thread sounds very interesting!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Audioflyer View Post
    Just a couple of photos of my set up in room 209.

    I was on my own this time as my helper could make it but what a fantastic weekend and again it was nice to put names to a faces.

    Your system sounded very good! I remember asking you about the Marantz CD63 KI where you replied that there's an easy mod to improved the sound significantly - something about cutting a PCB track - do you have reference of this anywhere?

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    Someone was literally BLOWN AWAY , Only his slippers left
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    Quote Originally Posted by loonytunes View Post
    Your system sounded very good! I remember asking you about the Marantz CD63 KI where you replied that there's an easy mod to improved the sound significantly - something about cutting a PCB track - do you have reference of this anywhere?
    How did the Electrocompaniet "The 2 Channel Amplifier" (complete with the preamp) compare with the Quad 22 + 2xII ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Audio Al View Post
    I was exhibiting for 5 hours in room 224 , only 1 hour off for food / drink , did not have time for a full room runaround

    Here is my room all set up ready for the visitors

    Attachment 19776
    And a pleasure to roomsit for you for that hour, Al! A cracking system, lots of people settling in for more than the odd track. V nice indeed.

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