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Thread: Audiophonics I-TDA 1387 DAC

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    Default Audiophonics I-TDA 1387 DAC

    Now that I have my R-Pi up and running, I'd like to try one of the Audiophonics DAC boards. Was going to order the I-Sabre but that is not currently available and see there is now an I-TDA 1387.

    Is there anyone using this or heard it? Wondering how it compares to the I-Sabre.

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    Interesting. I would expect it to sound more analogue with better dynamic contrast due to being a multibit DAC. I am over-generalising though, implementation is critical.

    ...at the price, am tempted myself.
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    Is this brand new for Audiophonics? Someone has posted their thoughts on the Volumio forum, very positive.

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