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Thread: Oil Change

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    I'm jamie.


    My System/ Yamaha NS1000M,Mordaunt Short Signifer,Monitor Audio R952 MD,Pioneer PLC-1700, DD,TT, Townsend Elite rock 2,,Alphason HR-100S-MCS,Ortofon 2M BLACK ,Sony 700ES Amp,Sony X555ES CD Player, Nakamichi ca5 pre amp ,

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    I'm Tony.



    I have an Interspace in moth balls that I used happily for many years in the 90s and 00s.

    I plan to boot it up again tomorrow when some VDC arrives for the rest of my system.

    Anyway, back in the 90s I called Tom Fletcher and he sent me free of charge some of his oil which TBH I didn't like the sound of. It seemed to make the TT sound very thin.

    Steve at Audio Consultants in Camden who was a huge supplier and fan of NA TT turned me onto Loctite Superlube which he used in the Hyperspace TT he sold. Its a PTFE based oil with quite a thick viscosity but my god did it sound good. It gave the sounds so much body and depth compared to the NA oil.

    Here's an Amazon link but I recently bought some far cheaper on ebay.


    And yes 30 for splash of oil is a joke!

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    I'm Unabletoaccess.



    8 odd for a few changes seems good

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    Yes the market for specialist oils does seem very cheeky in some areas and thats putting it mildly.

    I know oil is vital but the specification bores me. I future I just want 5ml or 10ml of the oil the manufacturer uses at a reasonable price.

    It was a bit of a challenge sorting oil to replace Dual Renotac 342. I ended up with a Mannol Chainsaw oil because it needed some surface coating abilities in a sleeve bearing. 5 for 1 litre so Ive got loads of the stuff

    Ive tried sewing machine oil and my dads specialist oil collection. I tried oil marketed for Rega turntables. Ive never seen a spindle spin so fast in a bath of sewing machine oil (holding the bearing housing and subpatter in my hand) but its not the right oil for most applications and certainly not a sleeve bearing with no ballbearing base.

    My eyes glaze over at talk of 10w 30 etc. In future its something I want the bearing manufacturer to have specified for me

    Obviously one day I would like a Sondek style bearing or magnetic float bearing when my lottery comes up

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    Hi when i was a GYRO owner there were endless discussions on the Michell forums regarding oil, bot the general consensus, and also the one i found best, was Automatic transmission fluid. But as I seem to remember the bearing spindle on the Gyro had a spiral groove which returned/circulated the oil to the top.
    Does the Systemdek have similar i have heard?

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    I'm danilo.


    Another Goose chase? Over the decades I've fitted a few 'different' oil types to my pore long suffering Thorens spindle bearing well.
    All predicated by some Audio Guru (Goof.. by my current estimations;_0 From Phils' tenacious oil (hypoid oil sans the hypoid/supher) Atf ,
    Synths and Dino oils and of course sewing machine oil.
    All with NO audible differences.. period
    Honestly the only differences found were in the duration of retained 'spin' in the platter when powered down.
    It varied by ~20 seconds betwixt the Molasses(phils') and the watery Sewing machine stuff.
    Never has my platter rotated for the full 90 seconds that ALL internet babbles suggested a healthy one should.
    I've had this TT from new consequently knowing it's entire history in detail.
    Misdirection? Komplete BS? who knows. Only observable fact is; it ain't true.

    Often depressing to realise just how gullible we can be.

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    I'm Mark.

    Default Oil Change

    I've looked into oil for turntables a great deal and the requirements are fundamentally different than lubrication for combustion engines (for example). My conclusion is that viscosity (a very rarely considered property by TT oil providers) is the primary factor of relevance - the more viscous the better before tearing or delamination occurs*.

    The amount of time a platter will spin when unpowered is entirely irrelevant and is no guide whatsoever as to the value of an oil for a TT.

    * This depends on the diameter of the bearing, the tolerance gap between shaft and journal, the finish of shaft and journal and, partially, the inner design of the journal.

    100% Analogue

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    I'm danilo.


    Agree entirely on Spool down time as silly.
    Merely saying that it seems a Major tennant of Thorens TT Open Mouth sites.
    Did find that the Phils' Tenacious Oil ( ~100? w) was of some drag on the platter.
    Not much but decidedly noticeable in spool up and down times.
    Hopefully it caused no harm as I had it in use for ~15 years.
    IF an aficionado of High viscosity /cling like glue to surfaces lube ..then Mechanics' Assembly Lube oil might be of interest

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