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Thread: Oil Change

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    I'm jamie.


    My System/ Yamaha NS1000M,Mordaunt Short Signifer,Monitor Audio R952 MD,Pioneer PLC-1700, DD,TT, Townsend Elite rock 2,,Alphason HR-100S-MCS,Ortofon 2M BLACK ,Sony 700ES Amp,Sony X555ES CD Player, Nakamichi ca5 pre amp ,

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    I'm Tony.



    I have an Interspace in moth balls that I used happily for many years in the 90s and 00s.

    I plan to boot it up again tomorrow when some VDC arrives for the rest of my system.

    Anyway, back in the 90s I called Tom Fletcher and he sent me free of charge some of his oil which TBH I didn't like the sound of. It seemed to make the TT sound very thin.

    Steve at Audio Consultants in Camden who was a huge supplier and fan of NA TT turned me onto Loctite Superlube which he used in the Hyperspace TT he sold. Its a PTFE based oil with quite a thick viscosity but my god did it sound good. It gave the sounds so much body and depth compared to the NA oil.

    Here's an Amazon link but I recently bought some far cheaper on ebay.


    And yes 30 for splash of oil is a joke!

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    I'm Milo.



    8 odd for a few changes seems good

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    I'm Martin.


    Yes the market for specialist oils does seem very cheeky in some areas and thats putting it mildly.

    I know oil is vital but the specification bores me. I future I just want 5ml or 10ml of the oil the manufacturer uses at a reasonable price.

    It was a bit of a challenge sorting oil to replace Dual Renotac 342. I ended up with a Mannol Chainsaw oil because it needed some surface coating abilities in a sleeve bearing. 5 for 1 litre so Ive got loads of the stuff

    Ive tried sewing machine oil and my dads specialist oil collection. I tried oil marketed for Rega turntables. Ive never seen a spindle spin so fast in a bath of sewing machine oil (holding the bearing housing and subpatter in my hand) but its not the right oil for most applications and certainly not a sleeve bearing with no ballbearing base.

    My eyes glaze over at talk of 10w 30 etc. In future its something I want the bearing manufacturer to have specified for me

    Obviously one day I would like a Sondek style bearing or magnetic float bearing when my lottery comes up

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    I'm terry.


    Hi when i was a GYRO owner there were endless discussions on the Michell forums regarding oil, bot the general consensus, and also the one i found best, was Automatic transmission fluid. But as I seem to remember the bearing spindle on the Gyro had a spiral groove which returned/circulated the oil to the top.
    Does the Systemdek have similar i have heard?

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