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Thread: Goodman Dimension 8

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    Default Goodman Dimension 8

    Hi All, I am interested to hear of anyones experience of Goodman Dimension 8. I now have two original pairs in my collection. I have clear and strong views on their performance but am keen to hear other owners (current and previous) views and experiences. There are a few comments on the net but not many. Many thanks, Martin

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    Probably best to post this in the Blank Canvas section. I would assume that you used this section in Aug 2016 and have not been around the site much. Anyhooo, Welcome. Would it not be the case that if you think these are the dogs, that is all that matters - isn't it?
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    The welcome area is not for this. As it is older equipment, Past Masters is the right place.
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    I rather liked them. I'm not the greatest fan of ABRs in general ut they seem well implemented in these. Also, their stereo imagery is decidedly odd but they're no less pleasant for all that.

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    I'm Martin.


    Thank you for the response. I have relocated the post. I am relatively new to posting. I did not state or intend to imply that these are the dogs. They are somewhat unconventional in concept and design and consequent performance. I was simply interested to hear other peoples experience and maybe gain some guidance on placement, equipment matching etc. My intention was to extend my knowledge beyond the silo of my own experience. Martin

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