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Thread: The “HOLY CRAP!” Moment…

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    I'm jamie.


    i did mine by first checking the SRA angle with the tonearm level,(not really necessary) then setting it a close to possible to 92 degrees,as it happens thats with a slight tail down position.
    i used an alignment arc protractor downloaded from the vinyl engine site to align the cartridge,i spent some time getting it dead right here,then lastly small tweaking of the tracking weight.
    the hard work pays off when you hit the sweet spot believe me!

    all this was over a period of 3 days on and off
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie123 View Post
    thats exactly how i ended up with mine.
    And me
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    Speaking on the art of cartridge alignment, I saw some pictures in Stereophile many moons ago, that were USB microscope pics of the needles attached to the cantilever. Even on some expensive cartridges had the diamond glued on crooked. Or perhaps, less than perfect. So, even if you align the cantilever with your alignment gauge, you can still need to make tiny adjustments of azimuth and VTA to really get the needle to align with the groove. No substitute for the human ear.

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