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Thread: Who digitizes their vinyl....

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    I'm Nathan.


    Setting the levels is the most important part. Almost any interface comes with a software mixer now. Audacity is fine for that purpose. There are expensive programs, but they are geared towards full fledged studio use. It's overkill in my opinion. Most of the plugins for the high end programs work with Audacity too. It

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    I'm David.


    Quote Originally Posted by Paul-H View Post
    Anyone recomend modern software that will automatically detect the silence between tracks and split the file into individual tracks.

    And anything modern that does an quick or automatic job of cleaning clicks etc as well.


    Hi Paul - I've been using VinylStudio with a NAD phono stage to rip select LPs at 16/48kHz and I have been very pleased with the results - I've reviewed VinylStudio and some of the kit I've used on my blog https://digitalprakel.wordpress.com too many bits to give individual links. DGP

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