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Thread: Radio 3, The Listening Service, Deep Listening

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    Default Radio 3, The Listening Service, Deep Listening

    I enjoyed listening to this interesting program on Radio 3 website. here are the details. If you heard this program, what did you think?

    "Tom Service immerses himself in Deep Listening, a practice created by composer Pauline Oliveros. It's a kind of sonic meditation, a way of approaching music with more sensitivity that anyone can practise. In exploring this concept, Tom also explores the music of Oliveros, one of the most influential composers of the late twentieth century. She was a pioneer of electronic music, working with tape machines and early synthesizers in the 1060s in California.

    She wrote: "Deep listening for me is learning to expand the perception of sounds to include the whole space/time continuum of sound - encountering the vastness and complexities as much as possible.".

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    Oliveros [reputedly] came up with the punning title for the concept of 'deep listening' while she was making a recording in an underground reservoir.
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