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Thread: New Member System - Kala?

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    I'm Nathan.


    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post
    They are basically the new fancy version of the JM Labs that I've got.

    Nowt wrong with B&W though, I've never understood why they are disliked by so many people unless it is because they try to use them with weak, pansy, hairshirt amplification. That doesn't work.
    Are you secretly an American?

    Some extra wattage makes most of the speaker/cable matching problems disappear.

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    I'm Martin.


    Quote Originally Posted by nthall View Post
    Are you secretly an American?
    My old man was from Aruba. So sort of half American.

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    Sony X505ES CD Player * NVA P90SA passive pre / NVA A30 Power amp * JM Lab Electra 926 loudspeakers *

    "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." - Hunter S Thompson

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    I'm Mike.


    Those Daleks look cracking Dave
    My stuff -

    Analogue: Lenco GL-75 / AN IQ2 / DL-160
    For when there's no Analogue: Doge 6 CDP
    To discover loads of new music: Spotify via Laptop into Micromega MyDac
    Make music louder: Quad 34 pre, 200W/side Class D power
    Music boxes: Heco Celan 300
    Cleaning duties: Okki Nokki 2

    His music is a big prayer. I love his music, I love his philosophy.

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