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Thread: An Introduction.

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    I'm Alan.

    Default An Introduction.

    I would like to introduce Elsdon Wonfor Audio (EWA) to you. We are Alan Elsdon and Colin Wonfor - we have known each other since the late 70ís where our paths crossed at ICL-based computer sites, AE on the software side and CW on the hardware.

    In talking we found a common interest in electronics / hifi which led after a few years to Elsdon Wonfor Ltd and the first TOCA (Touch of Class A) amplifiers amongst others. This did not take off as hoped but it sowed the seed for CW to found IncaTech and various other electronics/hifi based companies.

    Over the years our paths occasionally crossed but it was not until two years ago that we started to collaborate once more in the audio field. Initially we looked at A-Class amplifiers as Colin had some new SECA (Single-Ended Class A) power amplifier designs. From this we have the SECA-20 and, currently awaiting its case, the SECA-50.

    Colin has also designed a set of amplifiers (Q20, M50, HB100) all based around the same Push-Pull Class A design and to go with them a set of PreAmplifiers, the Q and M versions are completed but the HB variant is in development.

    Cables were another obvious area of interest given that Colin has designed cables for several companies. Here we have two Speaker cables (LS-V and LS-XXV) two Mains cables (MC-V is now available, the MC-XXV will be along in a few months) and a set of Interconnects (RCA Stereo, Digital and Balanced) which are at the prototype testing stage.

    Our web-site www.elsdonwonforaudio.com is still under development but should contain up-to-date information and photographs of the available products.

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    I'm Adrian.


    I was drooling over the SECA only yesterday. Beautiful.
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    I'm Colin.

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    I'm Colin.

    Default Faceblob page

    Visit Elsdon Wonfor on the Facebook page.


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