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Thread: Firebottle Mono - monoblock power amplifier

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwardlon View Post
    Ah thanks Oliver. Very kind of you. As I think I mentioned elsewhere to you my wife comes from your neck of the woods. Maybe we will visit again sometime, last time was 2 years ago. It is certainly our aim to visit again - lovely countryside there. Combining it with 'proper' hifi makes it even more appealing.
    No worries. Just drop me a message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebottle View Post

    Had trouble finding some pictures, think some got lost with a camera

    Hybrid design with super linear valve driver stage and MOSFET output stage. 90W rms into 8 ohms, will drive any speaker including maggies.

    1000 per pair.
    Have they gone back up to 90W?

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