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The English Electric Canberra was a great plane. Fast for its time and very agile. Noisy bugger though.

Here's a nice clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER4tfH2Szoc
Very nice too. I remember as a kid having a double treat if we had a day out to Blackpool (or that NW coast) as my Dad always drove from W Yorkshire towards Preston and went past the EE factory (which I think) was at Wharton. There always seemed to be Lightenings & Canberras lined up parallel to the road near the hangers.
Come to think of it, I preferred seeing them to the rest of the day at the coast !

In the mid 70s I was in the ATC and spent a summer camp at RAF Wyton, so it was Canberras all week. Especially remember the weird looking ones flown by the ECM Squadron/development team.

What great times to have lived.