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Thread: Who Likes Aircraft?

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    It's all based on this - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernoulli's_principle

    A lower pressure exists above the wing (due to the increased velocity of the air passing over the top skin) which is what creates lift.
    When more lift is required, the effective curvature is increased with the addition of slats, flaps and other high lift devices.

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    Yes I totally agree on that with slats and flaps etc, but also lift relative to speed etc. but the reason why Bernoulli found faster air or water has less pressure, is because of its effect on a surface. Without any effect on a surface and just saying fast air has less pressure doesn't explain it, since fast air cannot exert a pressure if there is no surface. This is called static pressure,ie pressure of air molecules acting on a surface. Think of it as the amount of air molecules that can bounce on and off a surface exerting pressure affected by how quickly or not they are moved away. The more moved away by faster air the less static pressure. He also referred to it as Venturi effects ie passing water and air through a wide and narrow pipe which is the same thing.

    As already said it's because the air around a surface is whisked away it can have less static pressure on a surface. What's happening when you have a shower and the curtain gets sucked to your body is because the fast shower water and air it moves is creating low pressure on one side of the curtain. The air is being whisked away from one side of the curtain by the fast flowing water, so the static pressure is less relative to the other side of the curtain, where the air is not whisked away relatively as much. So the static pressure is greater on the outside surface. Hence you have two pressure differences acting on both sides of the shower curtain.

    I've understood this from reading my pooleys aeroplane technical manual and as a hobby pilot myself (mainly gliders). It's very interesting and I'll take some pics of the relevant pages. It's interesting how the proper explanation of how wings work is not often explained online etc by static pressure differences
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