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Thread: recomend me a soldering station

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    I'm Bruce.


    Yeah, 4.00 reading glasses are becoming required soldering kit for me!

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    I'm Phil.


    looks good and the tips are cheap , temp controlled good price , check out the reviews , phil.

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    I'm Dennis.


    I have just bought a WEP 60W temp controlled from Ebay. Chinese and it looks old fashioned and British, and although I haven't used it a lot it seems very good. Bit are steel which means longer life.

    My friend also bought one and think it good, even for thicker speaker cables.

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    I'm Ken.


    Just bought a Hakko FX-888D like this:

    Bought it from www.dancap.co.uk
    Maplins stock some of the Hakko models now, but Dancap do the whole range, + spares, bits etc and are a keener price and delivered next day.

    I looked at Weller, but for a similar model they are much dearer, if you can find the latest models in the UK. Word in the States is quality has dropped in recent years.

    The Hakko heats up fast (23 sec) and recovers very fast after a heat drain (65w).
    Well made and robust, with nice touches like a silicon iron lead that doesn't restrict you in use + around 27 different bits available.

    I plan on getting a second iron, to use with the transformer/control unit and fitting one with a large bit and the other with a fine one, to save on bit change overs.

    There are a lot of fake and rubbish Hakko products on ebay/amazon but the Dancap and Maplins are genuine.
    Highly recommended.
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