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Thread: Old shyte and stuff

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    I'm Jerry.


    I've moved to www.imgur.com for my photo hosting, it seems to work well.

    Spotify Premium streaming, >>DAC de jour<<, Schiit Saga passive/active preamp, >>amp de jour<<, MBL 116F.

    Audiolab 8200CD
    XiangSheng DAC-01A << Currently playing

    Firebottle AIR
    LA Audio A30 el84 integrated
    Wadia 151 PowerDAC
    Trigon TRE 50 Monoendstufen << Currently playing

    Wireworld Starlight USB
    Ixos Ixotica or Wireworld Oasis i/c
    Western Electric 16GA or W&M speaker cables
    Ixos 105 digital co-ax & XO TOSLINK

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    I'm Anto.


    Here we are . Excuse the mess as I am sorting out some stuff to get rid of !!


    I only ride 'em, I don't know what makes 'em work

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