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Thread: The Praise Good Dealers Thread.

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    I'm mark.


    Deco Audio, I'd lost a pip on Something Solid stand, not only did I receive pip for free but tube of superglue and strip of sandpaper to level them ��

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    I'm Don.


    In British Columbia Canada;

    Soundhounds in Victoria, B.C. - These are the guys that have won me over to Audio Note. Recently the owner passed away and the manager has retired, but the rest of the folks there are continuing the tradition of good old fashioned service and a relaxed atmosphere.

    Element Acoustics in Richmond, B.C. - Edward Ku is slowly but surely taking over the high end market in the Vancouver area as he brings in a lot of brands that aren't run of the mill but have impressed him. He has on display up to a dozen different turntables at a time. Stellar service.
    Vertere SG-1 Turntable / Audio Note IO Gold MC
    Audio Note AN-S8L MC Transformer
    Audio Note Pallas I/C (SUT-Preamp)
    Audio Note M6 Phono Preamp
    Audio Note CDT 3/Audio Note 4.1X Balanced Signature DAC
    Audio Note Kassai Monoblocks
    Audio Note Lexus Biwire Speaker Cable
    Audio Note AN-E SPE HE speakers
    Audio Note ISIS Power Cables
    Loricraft PRC-4 Record Cleaning Machine

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    I'm Phil.


    big thanks to dave wood and paul benge of hi fi guy for driving 7 hours to get to my house to sort me out some nice speakers . highly recommended
    1]bel canto pre 3 vbs /MSB s200 , / Marantz sa8005/ bel canto fm1
    sonos, . tannoy eaton legacy 2]naim supernait 2 rotel 965cd bel canto 3.5vbss and RFC impulse ta`us

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