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Thread: SUT Suggestion - Jensen vs Audio Technica

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    Default SUT Suggestion - Jensen vs Audio Technica

    This is one of the more esoteric forums where SUTs are discussed so often. I use an Audio Technica ART-9 cartridge and looking for a good SUT to match. My phono stage is an Audio Note M6 phono (it is a M6 preamp with in-built MM phono). I auditioned the Audio Note S3 SUT and it was amazing but also very expensive. I want to keep it within $1500. The two SUTs I have shortlisted based on some research is Jensen JT-347-AXT with 1:12 ratio:

    Also since my cartridge is Audio Technica I am considering AT-2000T.

    Jensen is about $500 for a pair and I will have to put it in a box and terminate it appropriately. AT2000T is fully built. The good thing about Jensen is it already comes in fully shielded cans. Some respectable manufacturers of tube phonostages like Zanden, Luxman, ARC, Berning and Lamm use Jensen SUT for MC amplification. What do you guys think about this choice, AT vs Jensen ?

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    There is a lovely Fidelity Research FRT3 in the 'Classified' section, at a giveaway price.

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    Jensen for me. Super natural and neutral transformers, superb measurements, where many others add flavour, like Audio Note love to.
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    Continuing from recent discussion of the matter here on AOS, have you considered a head amp instead of SUT?
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