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    Default Wasn't gonna post this...


    During this thread it was 'suggested' that removing equipment fuses and effectively 'shorting' the fuse holder terminals either by the use of a copper rod or by soldering the connection is hereby NOT advisable.



    But then I sat down to listen...

    Colour me skeptical, but took a punt and put one of these in my digital source, a Logitech Transporter.

    Component change level upgrade.

    So much better sounding, bigger upgrade than any interconnect or even speaker cable change I've done...
    something fundamentals going on here...

    Over time I'm kitting out the rest of my system with them, both internal and IEC socket.
    All but one bits of my kit are fed power from my balanced mains, so just the one 13A to get.

    No shades of grey "well...its a different flavour I guess?" self justification or expectation bias - it's a significant upgrade.
    Have a pretty resolving system, think I'm now just getting the best out of it. YMMV of course.

    Theres definately something to this clean power feeding your hifi lark...
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