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Thread: Beautiful Pioneer SA 6300

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    Default Beautiful Pioneer SA 6300

    Hello Guys

    Just thought i would post this yesterday whilst looking online the above Pioneer came up in a free section of gumtree so an email later and a trip over to Poole this little gem was in the car and home we come Very heavy for its size and also quite rare but in need a clean "Pot" and service - tested and working.

    This is going in the collection after I've got it thoroughly checked over

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    Nice. My flatmate used to have the SA-9300, which was an awesome and huge bit of kit.

    I found a previous generation Pioneer SX-450 receiver in a wet skip the other week. Must be late seventies. I let it dry out and IT ALL WORKS! Even the lightbulbs.

    Like you say, the switches and knobs could do with some switch spray. But they're not bad either.

    All this mystifies me slightly, because I thought those old wet electrolytic capacitors dry out eventually. So far so good.

    And soundwise, it's faultless. Here's to freebies. And BTW, no problem with newer CD level into auxiliary. I don't think CD output is actually any different from the old tape deck standards. I checked my Rotel schematic, and AUX and CD go into the same opamp.

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