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Thread: Celestion Ditton 66 recap

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    I'm Rod.


    Hi Jamie

    Perhaps using a 'musical instrument' as an example is a bit misleading, as you say, the instrument is designed to work with more limited frequencies to produce those sounds. I've always found on modest sized cabinets, your latter example, using a more rigid cabinet using steel with carbon fibre where possible to keep the enclosure light but very stiff works well - it's surprising how little damping is required if the cabinet is tuned and braced correctly. My point was really to say that mass damping can lead to lifeless, dull sound.

    I think I'll be ordering some of the Alcaps from Falcon, I can't see the originals fairing too well - the 72uf measure well out of spec.
    Still haven't heard anything from Wilmslow about the 22uf Mundorf E-caps supplied as RAW not PLAIN.... not good customer service.

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    I'm jamie.


    A small update,
    im still waiting for the Ansar super sound 1uf caps.
    I did however do as much as i can until they arrive on 1 board.
    In the meantime the Monitor Audio R852's are doing sterling service

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