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Thread: Over the Moon

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReggieB View Post
    A small update to my Simaudio Mind 180 story: I've moved the connection between the Mind and my M2Tech Young DAC from RCA to balanced AES/EBU connection on XLR, with good results. The sound seems to have filled out, with voices and instruments having more solidity and there being a little more clarity. When I was considering getting the Mind, I noticed some reviews mentioning that the output was better via XLR, but I'd got it into my head that I didn't have a matching input on my DAC. Then a couple of days ago I had the DAC out and realised it does have an XLR input - I wonder about myself sometimes.

    So an even happier Mind 180 owner.
    XLR only works well really when everything is connected XLR throughout.

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    Have an M2Tech Young myself and spent a lot of time (and money!) looking formthe best digital hookup from my Logitech Transporter (2006 tech!) to the Young.

    AES was noticably better than the rest, and its worth noting I tried a few different XLR digital cables and from direct experience with the same Dac, dont let anyone tell you they all sound the same.

    Hear what Jim's saying about balanced/unbalanced connections, but for a digital cable you'll be fine.

    Go for XLR if you can...and you can!
    I have hifi n stuff.

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    Thanks Gazjam. I'm just about to order a XLR cable from David at MCRU. I'll see if that improves the sound over the cheap one I bought on the bay of E, to see if it would work.
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