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Thread: Wanted Wharfedale Dovedale 3 Speakers

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    I'm James.


    Some on bay right now at 82 so far, edit another pair on bay for 250 buy now
    Yamaha as501, novafidelity x40 music server, usher s520 speakers
    , van damme blue series interconnects, van damme studio blue 4mm speaker cable, klotz mc 5000 ,fisual hollywood optical cable,, pioneer bdp170, akg k 550

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    I'm Dan.


    Pair in Walsall guys on ebay - can put in a offer might be accepted - anyone in this neck of the woods passing by? also will need them brought here to if anyone is passing..?
    Main System: Creek 6060 Amplifier & Musical Fidelity E50 Tuner & Pioneer PD S505 Precision CD Player & Audio Note ANJ/D Speakers + Linn Interconnects & Van Den Hul The Wind hybrid Speaker Cable
    Vinyl -
    Rega Planer 2 with Rega Britain Green 250 Tonearm & Upgraded Van Den Hul Oil Bearing & Ortofon Super OM-10 & Roksan R Mat 5.

    Second System:
    Technics - SU-C909U Pre Amplifier & SE-A909S Power Amplifier & Technics ST-GT 1000 Tuner & Marantz CD67 Original SE CD player & Thorens TD-125 MK1 Turntable & SME 3009 Series 1 & Shure V15 Type II Cartridge & SME 2000 Plinth & Dali Zensor 1 Speakers.

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    I'm Taz.


    I'm near Walsall and could collect them for you Dan, pack them up safely and get them delivered to you if you like.... unfortunately i Can't drop them to Bournemouth mate

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