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Interesting that;
Small belief in driver 'burn in' yet some in Crossover burn in.
You've got that notion reversed IMO.
Drivers do require their spiders to be flexed into subservience. Real and documented, repeatedly actually.
Electronics burn in is IMO a Faith based notion, with little to no evidence... spare me :-)

Other small point; Initial 'genuine' impression windows on New gear are in the one digit minutes.
Some claim only 1 to 2 mins, dunno. Only aware that it is a surprisingly short time span.
Our brains almost instantly Adapt to the new. Physiology/mother nature has clear dominion, whether we acknowledge it or not.
It's The Achille's Heel in Audio Weenie land. Where only instrumentations give replicable result.
Which really complicates the Hell out of DIY adventures sans capable analysis gear/protocols.
Just saying. I've been ass bit by all this before, causing me to run circles for a couple of years or so.
Wasn't that much Fun TBH.
Well Danilo you have highlighted controversial subjects that have been done to death, here and elsewhere, I wont get drawn as it will take over the thread.
I do what I do, based on what I hear, though measurements are steadily creeping in, as an aid. I make many mistakes along the way, but treat that as part of the learning process and my ears tell me if it's wrong.
I am not afraid to let my peers judge the results and confirm or shoot down what I have done, this set up was well received at the NEBO 8 meeting, so I must be getting some of it right.