Until 15 January, I am offering tiered discounts on individual items in my webshop, as follows:

Items priced at 2000 and above - 20% discount
Items priced between 1000 and 1999 - 15% discount
Items priced between 300 and 999 - 10% discount

These webshop discounts are only accessible using personal discount coupons, so please PM, e-mail or phone to get your coupon code.

Discount coupon codes are not transferrable and may only be used once, up to 15th January 2017. You can always ask for another code to make more than one discounted purchase. Discounts apply only to individual qualifying items, and not to the total value of a checkout basket. Discounts cannot be used in addition to other coupon codes, and do not apply to 'Sale' items nor to postage charges.

If all of that is too complicated, and you fancy a nice new cartridge, then just PM, call or e-mail and I'll give you the best deal possible.