Hi everyone,

I've built a pair of electrostatic loudspeakers and I'm considering to build a sub woofer for low frequency extension. I'm still not sure what type of woofer I want to build, although I like the idea of an open baffle woofer. For quick implementation of filters I like the idea of using a digital filter. As I want to keep things inexpensive / budget, I'm interested in the MiniDSP products like the 2x4 HD or NanoDigi 2x8 (B). Even without sub woofers a digital filter could be of good use , e.g. to damp the fundamental resonance of my electrostatic loudspeakers I think.

I'm just not sure about sound quality, would a digital filter affect sound quality in a negative way? As far as I understand from reports it should not be a problem. Do you have any opinions about this idea? I'm not overly critical as I'm currently using budget gear like a Hifiberry DAC+ which I find adequate. So I don't need the best quality gear, as long as it's good I'm fine with it.