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In the film Deckard's boss says that six replicants jumped ship and made their way to earth, one got killed.
Deckard was hunting down FOUR replicants...

so where (and who?) was the fifth?
According to Ridley Scott in an interview with Paul Sammon (Future Noir The Making of Blade Runner) there was a 6th replicant called Mary. They cast the part but dropped it because they couldn't afford to film the scenes. Stacey Nelkin was going to play the part but in the end it all came down to money. In the same interview Scott also says that "the unicorn scene would be the strongest clue that Deckard, this hunter of replicants, might actually be an artificial human himself"

Another interesting thing in the interview is that the title Blade Runner came from a short William Burroughs book called Blade Runner -The Movie. If this sounds like I'm a bit of a Blade Runner geek then I'm not , I looked this up in response to reading this thread. One of my sons bought me the book about the film and the Director's Cut because he knew I really liked Philip K Dick and Blade Runner was one of my favourite movies. Thanks Gazjam for the heads up on the sequel.