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Thread: 2017 Hi Fi plans , Whats yours ?

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    I'm Chris.


    The Raspberry Pi is a fabulous introduction to computer based music. In 2017 I plan to take the concept of single board computer to a much higher level, to keep apace with the rest of my system.

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    Droog Guest


    Nice speakers Steve - a labour of love, I take it......!!!

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    I'm Neil.


    Finally putting all my studio bits together. Akai S1100 sampler, original Nord Rack synth, Yamaha TX81z synth, Roland MIDI keyboard, Atari ST with Notator as a sequencer Technics SL1210 and a Pioneer DV-505 for analogue and digital sampling.

    I also have an Exposure III / IV combo and a pair of Royd Sorcerers, and my Sony MDR-V6 headphones that I'll be using in the studio, well, a corner in my bedroom.

    No plans for the main system aside from removing the Mana Sound Table and replacing it with a wall shelf for the turntable.
    Mana Acoustics Racks / Bright Star IsoNodes Decoupling >> Custom Silent Media Server >> Halide Bridge USB (with AQVOX USB power) >> Pedja Rogic's Audial Model S DAC + Pioneer PL-71 turntable / Vista Audio phono-1 mk II / Denon PCL-5 headshell / Reson Reca >> LFD DLS >> LFD PA2M (SE) >> Royd RR3s.

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    I'm Ben.


    I fancy trying a change of speaker this year. PMC's are on my list as I like the transmission line sound of my current speakers. Other than that a few "upgrades" to the techie in terms of a power supply will probably all I will be able to finance.
    Jelco SA-750 & AT150 MLX,
    Firebottle modded Tron Convergence,
    Jungson JA-88 amp,
    JBL L40 Speakers.
    M2tech Young dac .

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    I'm availableforweddingsAndBarmitzvas.


    No major equipment buys in '17, spent a lot the last couple of years so want to make the most of what I've currently got.

    Biggest thing is possibly getting my SME V arm rewired?
    Will call the vinyl setup done and dusted at that.

    One thing I'll definately do is continue to look for ways to improve my computer audio setup.
    My music was stored on an 'all in one' PC that I also use for work, over the last couple of days I built a dedicated box just for choons.
    Everythings been purposed towards that and it's a real improvement, so looking at further ways to improve things.

    First up is ditching ethernet as much as I can and going over to an optical network, do that early in the New Year.
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    I'm GettingFunky.


    My only plans for next year is a set of Firebottle monoblocks.
    I don't like making plans, and the last few years have seen many unplanned changes in my system. I am pretty happy with it now, but he monoblocks just add a little extra.

    I have played with cartridges and cables and I am now in a happy place.
    After the monoblocks are done, I will concentrate on adding to the vinyl collection.
    Contemplating life, the universe and use of HiFi forums.

    Life is too short to worry about the opinion of others.

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    I'm Andy.


    Stands and supports for me. Something that makes the system look nicer. Maybe another turntable if I can find space.

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    Droog Guest


    I plan to sell my megabuck system.......that sounds shit.
    Buy a cheap system that sounds great.

    Spend the difference on hookers, drugs n concerts.....!!!

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    I'm Phil.


    I almost never get to hi fi dealers although manged it once this year but in 2017 I plan to visit a new hi fi shop opening in Birmingham . I hope he does very well

    The Little Audio Company
    308F, The Big Peg
    120 Vyse Street
    B18 6ND

    from his speel

    The Little Audio Company are a fresh new retailer based in the vibrant bustle of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, with easy access by road or rail. We are a 15 minute walk from New Street Station, and the Bullring and Grand Central shopping centres, or a few minutes on the tram.

    We are intending to be a little different from many conventional hi-fi retailers, hence the decision to adopt an appointment only approach. This allows the customer to be the focus of attention minus all the usual retail interruptions. Your booked time is spent purely with you. Opening hours are an indication of when the phone will be manned, and aren't necessarily fixed with regards to booked demonstrations.

    Ophidian loudspeakers
    Golden Ear loudspeakers
    KEF loudspeakers
    Revel loudspeakers
    SVS subwoofers

    Innuos digital storage/media servers

    Bluesound multi-room and streaming products

    Primare electronics

    Audio Technica cartridges, headphones, and turntables

    Audioquest cables and headphones
    Chord Co cables
    1]bel canto pre 3 vbs /MSB s200 , / Marantz sa8005/ bel canto fm1
    sonos, . tannoy eaton legacy 2]naim supernait 2 rotel 965cd bel canto 3.5vbss and RFC impulse ta`us

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    I'm givingyouaprettygoodclue.


    Quote Originally Posted by Audio Al View Post

    Selling up with a system like this

    Technics 1210 Mk 5 modded with Mike New Bearing, Paul Hynes SR7-EHD PSU, Sounddamped Steel Isoplatmat, Isonoe Feet, Magna Audio Ebony armboard, Mission 774 Arm fitted with Audio Technica 33PTG II - TQ Claymore Amplifier, Firebottle Vivant Phono Stage, PMC Twenty .21 Speakers, Partington Dreadnought Stands, B&W PV1 Subwoofer,

    I thought PMC 20.21 speakers were rated

    Have any of the Scottish mafia had a look / comment , You have a cracking setup , I can't understand whats wrong
    +1. I find that my own head / ears account for most of the difference from one day to another so I wouldn't be hasty. Yours reads like a top notch system on paper.


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