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Thread: 2017 Hi Fi plans , Whats yours ?

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    I'm Shari.


    Sell my Ditton 44s, sell my Ram 100s, maybe sell the Ram 200s and buy a nice vintage amp.

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    I'm Steven.


    Quote Originally Posted by macvisual View Post
    Think I'm returning to valves again in 2017.
    Got a great pair of valve monos in the loft looking for a new owner with 90db + speakers.
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    I'm Adrian.


    Valve monos - don't wish to hijack thread so have pm'd u.

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    I'm Adrian.


    Waiting for my The Truth linestage to finally arrive and hopefully be selling my Dave Slagle Autoformer linestage. Grab a second power amp, valve or maybe Accuphase so I can finally send my Cary 805 monoliths in for an upgrade and still have music. Continue buying vinyl.

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    I'm Martyn.


    I built quite a few pairs of LS3/5a clones in 2016, now all with satisfied owners.
    Mainly to UK destinations, but also a pair in South Korea and another pair in Italy.

    So, for 2017, I think I'll carry on with '3/5a clones...

    I have a pair of Radford 'Bookshelf' speakers to collect and work on.
    A refurbished pair to a AOS member last Autumn.

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    I'm Clive.


    Nothing, I'm done
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    I'm Dean.


    Crazy as it may seem, my system is still not up and running! It's been through quite alot of changes over the years and is probably heading towards its most sensible setup (in years). It will still take up quite alot of square footage, but nowhere near what it has done previously!

    There's alot of work to be done with our property, which I confess has suffered neglect whilst I 've been collectiing this lot! Now there's a conflict of interests and my money just doesn't stretch far enough for it all! I could just set it all up and be done with it... but that's not me!

    I cannot see much change for the next six months at least, probably near twelve months in all probability. Only got a couple of Bucking Transformers, a DAC and some Cables to sort... but I hope 2017 will be the year!
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    I'm Andrew.


    Quote Originally Posted by macvisual View Post
    Think I'm returning to valves again in 2017.
    Good man! I'm sure you'll not regret it.

    I myself will be somewhat regretfully selling the Philips and buying a cdp with a valve output section.

    Beyond that it's all rolling for me.

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    I'm availableforweddingsAndBarmitzvas.


    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Henley View Post
    I'm tempted to get a Audionote Jinro next, always fancied one, couldn't afford to buy a new one and would take some serious saving of the old pennies to get one
    Serious bit of kit that Lee, sure it'll sound great.
    Trieda lot of different 5687 valves in my own amp and found the TungSol black plate D-Getter's sounded the best to me.
    Langrex did them.
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    I'm tony.


    Quote Originally Posted by mikeyb View Post
    After hearing my TT through someone else's speakers today I'm thinking of giving up on my vinyl setup, sell it off and stream via Internet or my nas only as my speakers are just not good enough for the front end and the sound I want, can't change them for various reasons so at the moment I'm by close to giving up and downsizing it all as I feel for the money I've spent it's just not good enough, and it's the speakers that are letting the whole system down, serious thinking to be done over Xmas and I'll see what the new year brings.
    Im running the same amp...have you considered cans-the headphone section is outstanding and will easily cope with top notch headphones. You will still get the best out of your vinyl rig.

    Speaker wise if its aesthetics the other half objects to look at Electric beach frugels- you can sit down with yer good lady and design a pair she likes...work really well with what you have.

    A wee visit to the west may give you some options!!!

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