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Thread: The TC-7535 Caiman SEG at a glance.

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    I'm Adam.


    Quote Originally Posted by Intenso View Post
    Thanks Adam, would you say its worthwhile over stock PS?
    ...difficult to say as I haven't used the stock psu for a good three years or so. I was using an Anker battery but got fed up of the faff involved in keeping it charged (I also had to add a grain of wheat bulb to ensure enough current was demanded to keep the Anker alive).

    ...what I can say is that the Chinese Power supply was certainly as good as the Anker. When I first bought the Anker it was a step up from the standard PSU so ipso facto I think the Chinese Job is a good buy.

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    I'm Giuseppe.


    hy to all
    i'd like to know if Stan thinking to improve the dsd capability
    because if he'll do
    the seg will be my definitive dac for long long time!

    i hope so....very good music whit this dac!!!

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    I'm Tony.


    My new SEG was delivered today and straight from the off it sounds great.

    Little bit of burn in and this is clearly a winner and I'm a fussy bugger

    Dedicated dual LPS for both the Touch and SEG hopefully arriving in the next couple of weeks so maybe even a little more performance to come

    Tempted to get some headphones now, where does it all end?
    VPI Scout 1.1, Ortofon Quintet Bronze, Trigon Vanguard I, SB Touch, Beresford Caiman SEG, AD Audio Modded Yaquin MC13S and Totem Arro.

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