A couple of points, guys....

Firstly, please remember that the trade section and/or your individual sub-forums have been provided here SOLELY for you to advertise and promote your products or services to members of the forum. They must not be used for any other purpose.

It/they are most certainly NOT to be misused for dragging up grievances past or present, which any trader has with a company that they once worked for, or to make reference to any fallouts with individuals, or make potentially libellous claims about certain of their products, etc, where only one side of the story is used to present the 'facts', and which no-one here is in a position to corroborate or dispute, as indeed has happened with a trader here recently.

Anyone found guilty of such will firstly have the offending threads/references removed, and could risk losing their trade account, if such behaviour continues, as we simply cannot 'take sides' in anyone's personal disputes, and indeed have no desire to host such material. Therefore, please bear that in mind at all times.

Secondly, please use your individually named sub-forums for advertising your products and services to the membership, rather than the main body of the trade section, as that is where it will have most impact, in terms of potential sales. I've just had to move a load of threads from that area, to where they should've been posted in the first place.

Thanks in advance for your attention and co-operation