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Thread: Chateau bagging

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    Great pics Alan , I do miss Being in France

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    Nice pictures from what looks to have been a superb day for flying.
    Very jealous that you were able to do this while I was at work.
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    wow alan ! i flew a little helicopter over coventry airport supervised and i was bricking it

    you sure have some balls !!!

    fab photos . hate to think what your life insurance premium is !!
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    I'm Alan.

    Default View from the 'chair' this morning

    Unusual for me to fly in the morning because it is a little more challenging to take off. Sometimes the wind direction keeps changing, due to the thermal effects of different fields heating up at different rates, and has had me chasing the direction around the compass before

    Got off OK at 9:10 (8:10 UK time) and flew at 1500 feet where the air was smooth, it was a bit bumpy under 1000 feet. A couple of shots:

    Boy it gives you a brilliant feeling for the rest of the day

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    Amazing photos! Great clarity…
    Do you feel no fear Alan?

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    Umm.....fear no, a little apprehension yes. That's a good thing in my book as it makes you aware of what you are doing.

    Flying defensively is always my mantra, making sure there is somewhere to land if necessary. I have had the engine stop a few times with the old two stroke, then it's just a question of gliding down and landing

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    How do you learn to fly one of theses ? most other forms of aircraft? have two seats so an instruction can accompany the pupil, doesn't seem likely in your type of craft.
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    Hi Martin, PPG (powered paragliding) is somewhat different. You have to learn to control the wing on the ground in different wind conditions before you even go near the motor.

    This is called 'ground handling' and you can't do too much of it. Then you are introduced to the motor with some ground runs, it is generally a bit of a shock to have the added weight on your back.
    Then for a lot of pupils the first flight is the first solo flight, under instruction from the FI on the radio. This is how it was for me, you do need a bit of courage to go for it.

    There are a couple of schools that do tandem flights but the instruction value is questionable. Once trained it is all down to technique and can be made to look easy

    BTW The weight of the motor is not felt during flight once you have taken off.
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    Hi Alan

    How long can you stay airborne for and are there any restrictions over where you can fly? Would I like to do it yes, could I do it, not a hope!!

    Respect to you


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    I'm Alan.

    Default 3 more chateau's bagged.

    Mike, you can stay airbourne for quite some time, usually limited by bladder or fuel, or weather. Some pilots that like to go cross country fit extra fuel tanks and have flown for 6 hours or more.

    With my economical 4 stroke motor I could stay airbourne for nearly 5 hours if I brimmed the tank. My longest flight though is 1 and 1/2 hours.
    You have to obey all the rules of the air (Air Navigation Order) so usually can't fly in restricted airspace, and fly VFR (Visual Flight Rules) so that's no night flying.

    I have flown from Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green airport, that needs permission and preferably an airband radio so you can at least hear the calls from other traffic.

    Had another early flight this morning, taking off at 8:04. Bagged 3 more local chateau's.

    First one at La Motte:

    Second one took a little time to get to as there was a 10mph head wind, this is at Chazelet:

    Third one is quite local to the airfield, Chateau de la Garde:

    Firebottle - for the no bottleneck approach.

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