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Thread: Why do I not get ANY inquiries on my classifieds?

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    I'm Sam.


    Replies are not important - most replies I read are from people expressing how they like them but aren't interested in buying or how they are interested but can't afford them at the moment..

    What is important are private messages expressing real interest and it only needs the one for a sale! You'll get more PMs if you're up for people making offers. I see of your recent classifies you sold the Kef model 3s, withdrew the sale of the Marantz amp and only listed two things today - i.e the one thing for sale before today sold fine!

    Your recent ad for the older Kefs says they may not be for sale in 24 hours... that will put anyone off who can't buy this second and also anyone looking at them tomorrow who might well assume they're no longer for sale and might indicate you'll change your mind mid-negotiation.

    I agree also that it is the way of things today. Not because people aren't buying stuff but because people buy on ebay so much more and that audience is vast compared to small, friendly forums of people who likely already have a hifi, if not several.

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    I'm Andrew.


    Cheers Dan

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    I'm kickinbacklistenintotchoons.


    As people have said, the forum isn't a particularly high traffic forum, regulars often have a system or four stashed away and look for very particular types of equipment when they are looking to buy.

    You would be far better off with the ebays of this world, although they present their own problems, or a lot higher traffic, more broad church hi-Fi specific site like the wam, hifi for sale etc.

    Horses for courses as they say.
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    I'm Andr'e.


    High priced second hand goods are tricky to sell because money is not in abundance these days & you will find that people laying money out will generally be via their credit card because their is no other way of affording such things.So its either New or a dealer.

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    I'm Neil.


    166 views Andrew so far. On several items I have listed I have had well over a thousand looks, and no takers. Desirability be it based on real quality or due to brainwashing/sheep mentality will see some items sell quickly and other great items due to lack of profile or desirability languish.

    That is just the way it works, such is life.
    Regards Neil

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    I'm Grant.


    Took 6 months and 2 ads to sell my tt.. And it was a bargain.... I think most here also have their main gear sorted and only a few are interested in new to them higher end stuff.
    Grant ....

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    I'm Martin.


    People buy with their hearts not their heads and selling is all about painting a picture in their mind.

    Is what they taught us when I worked in sales and it is true IME.

    Several good quality pictures always helps a lot, a smattering of flowery prose - not too much! - links to reviews, short quotes from reviews, and so forth all help to paint the picture.

    Also be in mind that if you are insisting on collection only then the buyer must factor fuel and time into his equation. Some hi-fi you just don't want to ship by courier which is understandable, but if you are not prepared to do that look at asking a significantly lesser amount for the item than a seller who is happy to ship it.

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    I'm Clive.


    Summer is not the time to sell, it's the time to buy. Winter is a far better time to sell.
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    I'm Mike.


    Replies to my ads vary considerably

    You need the wind to be in the right direction

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    I'm AnDreW.


    People expect the earth and expect to pay nothing for it. I only sell things to fund other hifi projects and quite often at a loss, such is this hobby called hifi.
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