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Thread: LENCO - GL75 Project

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    Tonights Update - The Reference Lenco Pt XXXII - Attention to the mains.

    I've been getting rid of a few bits and decided to sell some mains filtration units which have been collecting dust for the last few weeks. So I decided to use one on my Lenco. It now filters the electric input into my Nigels Speed Controller which also has an additional circuit built into it to filter any nasties from the 240V coming into my listening room. Here's a few pictures of what I'm talking about :-


    Considering I've already paid for this unit I decided it couldn't hurt to give it a go and see if we heard any improvements. First signs are encouraging and I shall hopefully post some thoughts over the next few nights when I've had chance to have a decent listen. I'm going to be dismantling the deck again and have decided to install the resin filled top plate. One of the interesting things about this journey is that I've come up with a few ideas for the Garrard 301 in that I'm probably going to add a bearing clamp at some stage and see if increasing the rigidity of the 301's bearing will help improve the sonics. The tonearm may get further attention later on in the year if funds permit and I was thinking of sending it to J7 for a rewire in SILVER and a full service! I thought my journey with this deck was ending but it looks like the old beast still has plenty of mileage! As ever........
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    I'm surprised that a mains filter works on the GL75 mate , but as they say....the proof is in the listening , and it didn't cost anything to try it . That may be a first I think

    So the old girl is getting stripped again

    I look forward to your findings again Andy

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