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Thread: LENCO - GL75 Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by REXTON View Post
    Tonights Update - The Reference Lenco Pt XXX - Waiting for buses...

    This hobby is great but also frustrating. It's great that it enables endless experimentation and gives great joy when something works out but it's frustrating whilst having to wait for the bits to come through the post! So today just like waiting for a bus my Ikea chopping boards arrive one day early and then 3 hours later the new JICO stylus arrives for JAPAN, see I told you it would be a close call between which arrived first. I've decided to play arround with the chopping boards first to see if they do indeed provide any improvements. Well it's early doors but I do indeed think that they are beginning to drag out more micro detail from the vinyl that I'm listening to. I started with removing the Sorbothane footers and semi rigid feet combo that I'd been using for the last few months and just coupled the birch ply feet on the plinth directly to the Bamboo and I instantly noticed a loss in quality so it looks like that particular combination is indeed a positive tweak for the Lenco. I next decided to just try the semi rigid rubber feet coupled onto the Bamboo boards and I noticed an immediate improvement in how vivid and vibrant the soundstage sounded. I'm beginning to wonder if the Sorbothane may be dampening down some of the vitality to this deck. The deck is not lacking in speed and transient attack but I'm beginning to think that it's the poor old M55E which is the weak link in chain. It just seems to be lacking something that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe all this negative sentiment will be blown away with the new JICO neoSAS stylus . So, initially the chopping boards seem to be working but I need more time to really make a proper assessment and I also need to see if the Sorbothane footers add or take away anything from the deck. Here's a quick picture of the deck sitting on the chopping boards.

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    Certainly food for thought doing all this experimentation. As always...................................
    Looking good Andy, I use sorbathane pods under a piece of compact laminate which then has my VPI standing on it. Works a treat especially as the VPI is high mass. I am lucky as VPI also add very good feet with cones and bearings to their Scout TT.
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    Looking good Andy . Let's see what the Jico SAS brings to the show .

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