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Thread: So what's the schedule from April 2016??

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    I'm Nigel.

    Default So what's the schedule from April 2016??

    Happy to chip in with a couple of my favorite vinyl musings if that is usefull?

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    I'm Barry.


    Hi Nigel , I'm afraid the Album Club doesn't work like that , you need to add your name to the rota and you will be notified when Mr Album Club wants your nomination.
    Meanwhile there is nothing stopping you from recommending any album you like or whay you are listening to in the Musical Compositions forum.

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    I'm Barry.


    Ah I see the rota has come to an end , Nigel contact Album Club you may get a go quicker that I thought

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    Hi Nigel,

    The current rota for the Album Club comes to an end this June. The following Members have volunteered and will be submitting their choices to me for April, May and June:

    April 2016 - idlewithnodrive

    May 2016 - Hackney RF

    June 2016 - lovejoy

    At the end of May I'll be putting out a call for anyone who would like to take part in the Album Club schedule for July 2016 to December 2016 (or longer if enough Members volounteer).

    Everyone is welcome to take part. If you are interested please let me know by PM (to the Album Club). Submissions will be posted in order and volunteers be given one month's notice to allow them to put together a submission.

    One final point, in the past we have some members who, when advised their turn was coming, have declined to submit at the last minute. In those occasions we have had to find someone who is prepared to 'step up to the plate' at very short notice. So if you want to put your name forward, please when your turn comes, remember you obligation and make a submission. If there are genuine reasons and circumstances prevent you from doing so at the time, we will understand - but in general we expect commitment to post.

    The Album Club

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