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Thread: National Audio Show & Highend Headphones 1st Anniversary News, 10% Off!

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    Default National Audio Show & Highend Headphones 1st Anniversary News, 10% Off!

    Hi All,

    I hope everyone has been enjoying the great British Summer, cough, cough, in between all the rain. Anyway this is just to announce a couple of headphone related events we are holding during September.

    Headzone @ The National Audio Show - September 19th/20th.

    First up is the National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall near Silverstone, this is to be held over the weekend of September 19th/20th. Last year we ran the headphone part of the show, called Headzone, it went down really well so this year we are back there again but this year it will be a much bigger part of the show with many more manufacturer’s on board and all taking more space, so if you like your headphone listening as we do then this is the place to be with many new product launches and a chance to listen to the best selection of Highend Headphones anywhere in the county and a chance to talk to the manufacturer’s direct.

    As last year any purchases made at the show regarding headphones willreceive a 10% discount on most products with only a couple of exceptions, please enquire for specifics.

    Below are a list of the brands that Highend Headphones will be representing, all with their own booths or on our stand but all in Headzone to listen to -

    • Chord Electronics
    • Audeze
    • Astell&Kern
    • Stax
    • OPPO Digital
    • Ultrasone
    • Fostex
    • Schitt Audio
    • Audio Technica
    • Pioneer
    • Atlas Cables
    • Sennheiser
    • Final Audio Design
    • Lotoo
    • Snugs
    • AudioQuest
    • Trilogy
    • Mcintosh
    • HiFiMan
    • MrSpeakers
    • Grado
    • Abyss
    • Bryston
    • Burson
    • Beyerdynamic
    • Nordost
    • oBravo
    • Shure
    • SPL
    • T+A

    Below is a link to more information regarding the National Audio Show, look forward to seeing you there -


    Last Year

    Highend Headphones 1st Anniversary - September 26th!

    Where did that year go? so the week following last years Audio Show we launched Highend Headphones, so again a week following the show we will now be celebrating our 1st anniversary with all the headphones on demo and some of the manufacturer’s present for you to chat to.

    Its a great opportunity to come along and experience the best headphones currently available in a relaxed atmosphere, especially if you couldn’t make it along to the Audio Show, or if you had a listen at the show but would like to have a another listen to confirm your choice, as last year we will be offering 10% off again on this one day only for anyone who comes along and purchases, its just our way of taking the pressure off from having to decide at the show so you can go away, have a think then come along and have another listen if required.

    It goes without saying that there will be refreshments served throughout the day and hopefully a birthday cake :-) so hope to see you there.



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    Nice one Paul, will pop along and try a few out on the iPhone
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