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Thread: Yamaha NS1000M - Tweaks

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    I'm Mike.


    Thanks for the update Ken! Looking forward to reading about your progress in the "active domain"!

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    I'm Ken.

    Default Update

    I tried the Scanspeak and Yamaha 12” Bass units in my semi active project, running them with Quad Bookshelf units, so have experienced their different traits under similar conditions.

    My concerns about the Scanspeaks ability to perform in the upper bass and crossover region were unfounded and it out performed the Yamaha in every area. Obviously from the specification, it would have deeper bass, but its noticeably a lot deeper, which gives a strong platform to work with. Its faster and tighter, not that the Yamaha is poor in these areas, but the Scanspeak is better and can only improve in a more rigid cabinet. The big surprise was in its upper region, where it is subtle and tuneful, blending seamlessly with the Quad mid range. Comparatively the Yamaha bass is muddy and slow, not that I would ever have said that prior to the comparison, as I like the Yamaha's a lot. The weakest link with the Yamaha is the tweeter, ragged low end and falls off rapid at 15kHz. The Yam mid range is crossed quite high at 6kHz to deal with this. With a shallow filter slope the Mid range driver dominates well up the spectrum, the tweeter contributes little to the program as can be demonstrated by switching it in and out during play.

    I'm building a Hypex DLCP/UcD Pre/Crossover/Power unit in another thread. http://theartofsound.net/forum/showt...cD-Amp-Project

    The plan for my next experiment, is to use this DSP set up to try the Yamaha Mid range with the Scanspeak Bass and Fountek Ribbon Tweeter. It's a modern take on what Yamaha produced and is the NS-1000M revisited. It has great potential, but only trying it will confirm this and satisfy my curiosity. The Fountek NeoX 2.0 Ribbon can be crossed from as low as 2300 Hz 2nd order. It might be nice to move the mid range crossover point down and away from 6kHz, where sibilance lies. 4kHz with a steeper slope might be a good starting point.

    Looking at the Fountek Spec sheets, for the Neo X Series, the NeoX 2.0 has the flattest, smoothest response in the range. I was impressed with the NeoX 1.0 used by Quad and the NeoX 2.0 looks a bit better. So my plan is:

    1). Obtain a pair of NeoX 2.0 Ribbon Tweeters.
    2). Make Router templates for the Tweeter and Yamaha Mid Range.
    3). Construct a temporary Baffle to mount the Mid/Tweeter.
    4). Construct a lash up of the active Hypex DLCP to run this set up, using my Nakamichi Power amp.

    So I have quite a bit to get on with.

    DIY Technics/ProJect based Turntable + Terminator linear tracker + Ortofon MC20 Supreme / Pro-Ject Phono box & Pre Box RS / KMTech Active X-Over / Nakamichi AVP1 Power / DIY Sealed Three Way Speakers / Stello CDT100 Transport / DAC Magic.

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