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Thread: So, tell us about your user name..............

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    I'm Daniel.

    Default AmsterDan

    Name: Daniel. Dan for short.
    Birth Place: Amsterdam
    Nick name: AmsterDan

    There were two other Dan's working at my first job in Canada, making three in total. After lots of confusion and the wrong Dan looking over when called, they decided to call me AmsterDan as it was short, easy and fool proof.

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    I'm Andrew.


    My name comes from an old car project which was an engine conversion using a modified 3.5 litre engine(260bhp) from a BMW '88 E34 535 putting it into an '89 E30 325 touring.

    Nice project but makes for a boring name

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    I'm Chad.

    Default OSSIDIAN

    Ossidian was the code name used to describe a character in the book The Green Berets: The Amazing Story of the U.S. Army's Elite Special Forces Unit by author Robin Moore.
    Ossidian was CSM of the 5th Special Forces at Fort Bragg. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have known him honor him in our day to day activities.
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    I'm Russell.


    I have in recent years gotten into repairing and hot rodding electric guitars and basses. So, in an effort to name the company I used my Mother's first name, "Alpha", after all it's an unusual name, and the GT stood for Guitar Tech. While I have never actually gotten a business license and do all my work under the table, which isn't much really, the AlphaGT has stuck.

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