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Thread: Norton Airpower DIY - help!

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    I'm Francois.


    On farnell website I just can't find the voltages I need in the suggested 15VA...

    So options are these 2 TXs.



    Any good?

    The other solution I read somewhere else is to find a single transformer with different voltage on each secondary windings... Probably not an easy find though...
    Francois, London, UK
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    I'm Alan.


    Yes no problem Francois, sorry I missed this thread before now.

    I was only saying that you could use lower power trannies as you are proposing to use two for each voltage. 30VA (1st tx) + 30VA (2nd tx) = 60VA power rating.

    Using larger rated trannies is perfectly OK

    Firebottle - for the no bottleneck approach.

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    I'm jamie.


    im trying to work out the same thing so there are 2 thicko's in the class
    as i understand it i need 2 transformers 1 with a secondary output of 80v and 1 with 60v.
    the website states,'The 30VA (2 x 15VA) types in the Mk2/kit version' . so i think this means 1 transformer with a primary of 15va,secondary 80v and 1 15va.secondary 60v.??

    also how important is the primary value as the production norton psu uses 1 giant transformer rated at 1000VA

    my head hurts!!
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