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Thread: Your favourite DAC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandl100 View Post
    The Young seems to be one of those Marmite products - you either love it or hate it.
    Don't really understand why anyone would hate it. I didn't hate it, it just didn't offer anything additional over the DAC in the player being used as a transport. Possibly a better transport might have let it do its thing some more, I don't know, didn't try that.

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    I heard Jerry's Young DAC in my system. I wasn't enamoured with it.

    With a WE 396A in the Xiang I would say there's little point in going for anything else. It is such a good valve IMHO you'll be hard pressed to find anything better. That said there's no accounting for taste.
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    Dear friends (allow me to call you that),

    What do you think of these specs?


    I know specs are not the way to go, but certainly gives an idea.

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    Recently obtained an Audio Analogue Vivace dac and have to admit to being rather impressed sonically at least. Bit cumbersome physically and in user friendliness but very musical presentation to my ears. Anyone else familiar with it?

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