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Thread: PetRat HiFi

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    I'm Peter.

    Default PetRat HiFi

    It all started to get serious when I got the chance to buy a new pair of these at a 'once in a lifetime' discount. I couldn't resist ...

    Tannoy Canterbury SE

    This triggered a few changes, culminating in this lot.

    EAR 534 power amplifier, Shindo Aurieges L preamp, Leben RS30-EQ phono stage, Rega Isis Valve cdp.

    This is the current favourite TT.

    Garrard 401, Audio Note 1 arm, Koetsu Black Goldline

    Linked together with a nice A23 SUT

    Also got one of these, which is quite nice.

    Thorens TD125, Tecnoarm, Ortofon Black.

    Too many turntables! The SME10/IV is waiting for its longtime partnering Transfiguration Spirit to come back from Dom's.

    Very pleased, now.

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    I'm Jason.


    When I pick my mouth up of the floor i'll comment very nice

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    I'm Nathan.


    That really is a stunning Thorens TD125. Very nice.
    DIY is fine and dandy, but just try selling it on!


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    My GOB is also smacked

    Very nice
    Music , fills the gaps between silence !

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    Also a pishanto specialist confirmed by Head Daftee

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    I'm Andy.


    B'Jesus that is some serious kit there Sir

    That Koetsu looks like a DL103, anyway who cares lovely looking kit
    System; Michell Gyrodec SE/ Orbe Clamp/ Gert Pedersen armboard mod/ HR PSU/ SME V / J7 Tonearm cable/Ortofon Cadenza Black// Jez Arkless Turbo nutter B------ /Trichord Dino+

    Amplification and loudspeaker set up is at the moment being split into two groups, comprising the following;

    1. Same sources as above; SONY TAF-770ES/SONY CDP761E/Cable Talk 3.1 loudspeakercable/ Harbeth Compact7ES2/ Stands

    2. Virtue Audio Sensation M451battery PSU, ClarityCaps upgrade/ Sensation M901/Russian PIO caps with Teflon bypass caps upgrade/ JT Dynamic PSU with various tweaks/ Connex Audio 5N Litz loudspeaker cable, Impulse H6 Loudspeakers.

    Me so horny- Impulse H6 Horny

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    I'm Peter.


    Thanks for the kind comments.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tarzan View Post
    That Koetsu looks like a DL103, anyway who cares lovely looking kit
    Nope it's a Koetsu. Yes it does look rather similar but is a different shape, sort of less 'dumpy'. Actually the SUT is specifically designed for the DL103, but for some unknown reason (considering the spec differences) it works brilliantly with the Black, too.

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    I'm Mika.


    Wonderful system you have there! And you do not see Shindos every day at the forums..
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    That EAR 534 looks lovely...
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    I'm Andy.


    Fantastic system! I love the Garrard. Do you have any thoughts on the A23 SUT? I've just acquired one myself (from a very scrupulous person) and I'm rather pleased with it.
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    Default Crumbs

    My gob is also smacked, and my thunder has been struck. Question: looking at this gear I suspect that digital is a four letter word?
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