As detailed within the "which Tannoys Folks?" thread:

These cabinets are in MINT condition and have had hours of loving restoration and improvements lavished on them. Grilles are perfect and have the original and intact Tannoy badges fitted.

Base plinth is custom built to a high standard, veneered in Sepele mahogany and stained to match the original Teak as closely as possible. Interior of plinth is very effectively damped using mastic backed sheeting and the cabs sit on castors for ease of movement.

Volume is approximately 130 litres and these are closed or sealed enclosures. They were the replacements for the earlier and more inferior Lancaster cabinets and are way more substantial and better built.

Currently they are cut to accept either the 12 inch Monitor Gold or the 315/8 HPD (12 inch) for which they were originally designed.

Performance is superb. Very neutral speaker response and very detailed with real upper bass punch, just what you'd expect from a large studio monitor. They were designed for accuracy, especially the mid and upper detail response both of which better the more modern Prestige series.

I can convert these to bass reflex cabinets on request for a small additional fee (25) by modelling and fitting the appropriate tuned ports. This will extend bass performance further. However, they go plenty low enough for many people's taste's I suspect.

Considering the time that went into these and the condition and rarity of them, I am asking 300 firm, buyer to collect from GL11.

These measure (on their plinths) 1150mm tall, 540mm wide and 310mm deep and are very heavy....approx 25 to 30kG per cabinet.

Crossovers and Drive units NOT included.