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Thread: Pet Hates........or FFS

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    I'm Shane.


    People who say "obligated" instead of "obliged". "Obligated" doesn't exist.
    Time flies like an arrow.
    Fruit flies like a banana.

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    I'm ChrisB.


    "Obligated" doesn't exist.
    Well said that man!

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    I'm AudioAl'sArbiterForPISHANTO.


    Weevils that argue back.

    "A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do". - Milan Kundera.

    "Your validity or worth are not defined or determined by the views of others with their own superimposed agendas". - Pharos (on AoS)

    My system:

    Modified Technics SL-1210MK5G/Mike New high-precision bearing & baseplate/Mike New ETP platter/Bruil record weight/Nagaoka GL602 crystal T/T mat. Paul Hynes SR7EHD PSU (plus regulator modules)/DCSXL pure-silver DC lead. Ortofon RS-212D tonearm/'Speedy Steve' custom-made Ebony armboard. Yannis Tome 423.5 Phono Silver-Litz tonearm cable, with Furutech CF-DIN(R) and Eichmann silver Bullet Plugs. Cartridges: Denon DL-S1 in AT MG-10 headshell with AT-6106 Quattro Hybrid lead-wire. Denon DL-103C1 in '103U' headshell with AT-609 silver lead-wire. Vintage Denon DL-103AU in AT-Ti15ANV Titanium Headshell. Shure M55E in Denon PCL-300 headshell with 6N silver lead-wire. Shure original USA SC35C. Audiocom-modified Sony X-777ES/DAS-R1 transport/DAC. Raspberry Pi-3 Model B and IQaudio Pi-DAC+/Paul Hynes SR3DR-05 linear PSU/Williams Audio NAS linear PSU. Heavily-modified Croft Charisma-X preamp. Stereo Coffee LDR. Head-amp: Paul Hynes design/SR5 PSU. Also modified Lentek. Tube Distinctions 50W Class A P/P Copper amp with cryo-treated Tung Sol KT150s. Speakers: 'Lockwood Majors', using 15" Tannoy Monitor Golds, modified with bespoke crossovers. Also Celestion Ditton 15XRs. Stands: Mana Acoustics (non-magnetic stainless steel 'clones’). Hi-Fi Racks Podium T/T wall shelf. Sony ST-5055L tuner. Cables: Furukawa EE/F-S 2mm & 2.6mm solid-core mains leads, fitted with Furutech FI-50 IECs and FI-1363Rs. Stereo interconnects: Sommer Carbokab 225 (with silver-plated MS Audio non-metallic POM RCAs). Speaker cable: VDH 'The Wind' Hybrid II. Digital coaxial cable: 1m Trompeter Electronics Triax TRC-75-2, with MS Audio ‘Starline' silver-plated RCAs. Mains block: Mark Grant 6-way, modded with Furutech FP-1363R sockets and Furukawa cable. Tube Distinctions digital noise filter. VPI HW 16.5 record cleaner.

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    I'm AMusicFanNotAnAudiophile.


    I h8 textese

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    The phrase 'train station'. It's either a 'station' or a 'railway station'. FFS.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Pedantic prats who take everything too seriously and pursue minor issues like a dog worrying a bone!

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    I'm Steve.


    Lateness, it's just rude.

    TT: 1986 Townshend Rock
    Arm: AO modified Moth RB250
    Cart: Nagaoka MP11
    Phono: Hagerman Bugle 2 - modded to 54dB (not in use)
    Mat: Plattamat 2
    CDP: Pioneer DVD 676A-S
    Digi: SB Touch
    Amp: 1995 Copland CSA-14 - 70s Mullard NOS 6922s
    Speakers: 1995 Castle Howard S1
    Headphone Amp: Musical Fidelity X-Can v3
    Headphones: AKG Q701

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    I'm pedantic.


    People who say 'pacific' instead of 'specific'

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    I'm Geoff.


    Quote Originally Posted by Batty View Post
    Lateness, it's just rude.
    Quite right. I make a point of always being on time to meet people, as I hate having somebody keep me waiting, not that I wait for long.

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    I'm andy.


    The term ''my bad'' and sentence suddenly stops, really gets up my pipe.
    Frank...made me do it.

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