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Thread: Pet Hates........or FFS

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    I'm Geoff.

    Default Pet Hates........or FFS

    Pet Hates.

    I expect this has been done here before, but I'll give it a bash anyway.

    What drives you up the wall, what's incredibly annoying, etc. Here goes with a few of mine.

    In the home:

    Cushions, why do women have an obssesion with putting loads of cushions all over chairs and sofas that are ergonomically designed to be used as is.


    Why do some drivers stop at roundabouts and wait until somebody comes along that they can give way to?

    Being passed on the inside by some twat using an active bus lane.

    At work:

    Being emailed by an idiot who sits ten feet away and hasn't got the manners to come and speak to me.

    Hype, jargon and plain bad English. Terms like "window of opportunity" and "at the end of the day" And, a word I really, really hate "confidentiality", things are done in confidence or are confidential. This horrible word "confidentiality" was imported into this country from America by Tory MP Gerald Navarro back in the sixties and he was ridiculed at the time, unfortunately it stuck!

    The above are just a few of my niggles. Anybody out there with more?

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    I'm Nick.


    Other people sneezing, I have no problem with my own sneezes, but other people's really gets on my bits

    Having to listen to someone eating an apple.

    Other than that, I'm pretty easy going
    My system...

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    I'm Jerry.


    People who mumble. My daughter for example; the reply to everything she says is "pardon?"
    I nag her and her mother, who is an english teacher, nags her. Drives us both mad.
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    I'm john.


    CD players that don't do as they should all of the time..

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    I'm Shaun.


    Having to constantly get up and bloody turn over vinyl records.
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    People who smell of lentils.

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    I'm pedantic.


    That stiff clear sharp packaging you have to cut with scissors

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    I'm Shane.


    I hate my father's breathing and coughs. He's asthmatic, and I don't care
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    I'm Greg.


    Quote Originally Posted by southall-1998 View Post
    I hate my father's breathing and coughs. He's asthmatic, and I don't care
    Do you really mean what you have just said? Reads very harsh to me.

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    I'm Shane.


    Shane Lonergan........UB1 Birth.

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