...and now i have found a good travel source too, this one:

The Hifiman HE-400i ticks my critical boxes concerning it's sound, but it is quite demanding regarding its source.
I have made my selection based on a few criteria, storage space for "offline use", compatibility, versatility when in reach of a decent WLAN, portability and most importantly sound quality.
The Pioneer XDP-100R fulfills most of my demands as it is an Android based device with support for 432Gb of total storage, a good DAC built in (the ESS Sabre 9018K2M), good battery life, a nice design and a very nice sound quality. Since it is an Android based thingy, you can install any app you like from the app store such as Tidal, Spotify and in my case Roon Control.
When at home this means i can use Roon to play music over WLAN so vacuuming the apartment can actually be a pleasure!
Or play tunes from Tidal of Spotify whichever i prefer at the moment.
And when im off in the mobile home in Europe during summer i have plenty of space on the two 200Gb microSDXC cards for local music, in uncompressed quality and quite a few DSD and high rez PCM tracks.
And after the latest firmware updates to the XDP-100R it has gpt some serious grunt to power even the quite demanding planar magnetic headphones such as the Hifiman and Audeze more exclusive series. It is not quite as powerful as the Schiit Jotun of course but provides plenty of musical satisfaction when on the road or hotels and such.