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Thread: JR149 Speakers

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    Wow, they are beautiful. Great job with the restoration.

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    Fantastic work, they look simply stunning! Miles better than the originals, I'd be chuffed to bits

    Well done
    Bests, Mark

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    Absolutely lovely, fantastic looking work there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beechwoods View Post
    Absolutely lovely, fantastic looking work there!

    Very nice work sir
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    Hi I realise the thread is pretty old but I picked up a somewhat hammered pair over Xmas with the intention of doing a full restoration type project but seeing yours will potentially sent me down a different route They look stunning.

    Its still early days before I kick off the project but I was wondering what you did with the aluminum "lip" that runs down the back of the speaker for the foams. Did you veneer straight onto the aluminium and leave the aluminum sticking out?
    I have found a 10 mm thick rubber that I was thinking of wrapping around and sticking to the aluminium which would finish flush with the "lip" making the speaker 10mm thicker but a smooth fisinish.

    Im assuming the rubber would have no effect on the acoustics.


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