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Thread: Album Club: 24.04.2012 - Eagle Eye Cherry - Desireless (1998)

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    Sorry Mike...

    I've got this - but not consciously (charity shop I suspect) - spinning it now - the first time in weeks I've even fired up the hifi!

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    I'm Keith.


    Just a 5/10 from me. I quite liked the singles at the time and bought the album on the strength of those, but it doesn't really do too much for me on a re-listen, I'm afraid.
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    I'm Tim.


    Well this arrived from Amazon today and its spinning right now... I'm not sure if its the sunshine or what and I'm sure has hell not in the best of spirits at the moment, but this album has lifted them. I love it, very well recorded and sounding so much better in the flesh, than on Spotify. It's a bit Lighthouse Family in places, but I must confess to owning 2 of their albums anyway

    I'm going to revise my provisional score and give it an 8/10 now - I really like it and thanks for introducing it to us - worth every single one of the 127 pennies it cost me!
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    I'm ILOB.


    Its proberly a bit to poppy for me I gave it a 6
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    I'm Rich.


    So my cheap bay version finally arrived today and I listened whilst making the dinner. I gave it a 7, not a bad listen at all even if its not my usual cuppa... I particularly like the more percussion based tracks such as rainbow wings. All in all theres plenty to like and nothing to offend really. I'd agree its well recorded and has a rich and full sound. I'll stop short of saying dinner party music but the reason I havent rated it higher is it will probably mostly get played as background music when we've got company... make of that what you will.
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    I'm Barry.


    If it wasn't for the club I would never know of this guys existence, although I had heard the single Save Tonight numerous times. Not my cup of tea but an easy listen and I thought Shoot Up In Vain a very good track. People who are into this genre I reckon will think very highly of this album, I'll give it 7/10.

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    I'm John.


    Finally got myself a copy of this..
    Itís okay but he ainít Ben Harper and heís not quite distinctive enough to not to find what he does okay, done better by someone else.
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    MartinT Guest


    This is pretty good and some of the songs have a very enjoyable rhythm to them. Definitely closely related to Ben Harper. 7/10.

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    I'm Paul.


    Yeah I have and like this album... Not quite a 10/10 though so I have awarded this an 8!
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    I'm Bernie.


    7/10 for me. Production is pretty good on the CD version.

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