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Thread: Vintage Speakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali Tait View Post
    Yeah, make the baffle thinner but taller. If you could find a fourth pair of drivers, you could series/parallel them. Would sound pretty good I reckon.
    oh, I see - taller not longer! Interesting idea - I have you tried this Ali?

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    No, but I have a box full of NOS Goodmans drivers I was thinking of trying this with if I get the time. The reason I mention the series/parallel thing is because of Colin Topp's Edingdale speakers, they sound superb, using 4 mid/bass drivers connected this way. I think Paul Hynes uses his own line array also, using Visaton B200's, 6 or 8 a side I think!

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    some mk1 IMF TLS 80's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dingdong View Post
    They look reasonably pretty. Mine kind of look their best with the grilles on. Will get camera out in a bit.
    With or without!! I Love the 70's Castle ACOUSTICS Ltd speakers beyond belief. I will never ever ever contemplate buying another pair of main speakers now. People can shove their over rated/Over priced vintage speakers

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    Those IMFs look the business. Here are my nearly mint Celestion Ditton 44:


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    TLS80's used the same HF2000 as a super-tweeter. The famous Coles 4001g, which I think is still available in various impedance forms, should be a drop-in replacement electrically, if not physically?
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    Here is a rather old mono trouserflapper(Wharfedale SFB3)
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    You've all gone and got the wrong speakers. These teaktastic babies are what you want.

    They'll be making an appearance at Scalford if we can get them and the stands up to the 2nd floor.

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    Nothing to contribute. Just want to say you've got a fun thread going here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Spur07 View Post

    Wish I had 3 pairs of these:

    EMI 'Club' 16x11

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