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Thread: WTD: ProAc Response 1sc or Harbeth p3esr or BBC Ls3/5a

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    Default WTD: ProAc Response 1sc or Harbeth p3esr or BBC Ls3/5a

    Looking for a pair of ProAc Response 1Sc or Harbeth p3esr or Mint BBC Ls3/5a

    Or any other bookshelf speakers that sounds dame good for woman jazz vocal.

    Please PM me if you have a pair to sell
    I live in central london.


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    LS3/5A's need to be very early or very late, otherwise female vocals won't sound very nice at all...... A trip to Walrus to hear the Stirling ones may be in order though and the price of a pair of these won't be too different from shagged out old relics selling to the far east for over a grand on eBay

    I wouldn't put Response 1Sc's in the same league though - too little midrange and a peaked up whispy-sibilant treble when compared to its peers.

    What about some Sonus Faber stand-mounters? The Concerto's in all their forms were excellent when used on their higher stands, preferably the adjustable ones, they're pretty system friendly and low in colouration. The Signums were spectacularly clear as I remember and the little Cremona Auditor had a juicy bass which could be quite addictive I remember...

    Slightly bigger and within your budget - B&W 805's need highish stands so you listen on axis with the bass/mid driver, but they have more extended bass and well live up to their monitor status IMO. The related CDM 1 may be worth a look as well...

    As for P3ESR's, unless you can find a demo pair, it's unlikely that any will come up on the used market any time soon, as owners of this brand tend to keep them for a long time before even considering a change..
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    Last year, one of my Harbeth P3ESR customers, sold his speakers because he was emigrating. They were only a couple of months old but they went for a bit over UK retail, simply because they cost far more in the Far East and delivery times are measured in years..

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