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Thread: Linn Isobariks - Worth anything now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    Carol Kidd's dulcet tones, mixed on 'Briks - now there's a thought!

    When Calum Malcolm, the recording studio engineer, was setting up Castle Sound Mk.1 he was looking for a pair of monitors.
    Ivor T. insisted his new Isobarik speakers would be the thing.
    Calum said that after a few hours they sort of 'popped' given the rigours of the recording studio.
    He told Ivor he thought they were crap.

    I bet that went down well with Mr. T.
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    Yes, I don't believe they were ever used as studio monitors, domestic or professional.

    I had a pair way back when,well two pairs actually, and ended up running them with a Krell KSA100. Had this set up for over a decade.
    They, on occasion and with the right music, sounded, I thought at the time, pretty good.
    Then I lucked into a pair of 12" Monitor Golds, and stuck them in fairly rudimentary and resonant MDF cabinets.
    Even driven with the Krell (subsequent amps pleased the Tannoys rather better) they absolutely demolished the Bariks, even in the bass, which was supposed to be Bariks forte. But the Golds (rubber surround) went lower and cleaner and with more definition. And were better in every other area - presence, dynamics, soundstage, PRAT (oh yes), and, the clincher, enjoying the music.

    I sold one pair, and my parents have the other, so I still get to hear them regularly. They are relegated to my folks's conservatory system, as I gave them a tatty but excellent sounding pair of JBL 4410s (now they're PROPER studio monitors), and the Bariks were moved out and downstairs in short order as soon as they heard the JBLs.
    They mainly have r3 playing through them when I go round, and its a lousy sound - not true to the instruments, and thin and reedy somehow. I heave a mental sigh of relief when it goes off.

    I ended up putting the Golds in braced and plaster filled cabinets, and using silver crossovers with them. I've had them longer than the Bariks now. Do I miss the Bariks? No, I just feel vaguely resentful. You know those adds that say "no time wasters?" Sort of like that.

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