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Thread: New speakers and amps

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    I'm Jerry.


    Do MBL make any?

    Main systems:
    Spotify Premium streaming, Xiang Sheng DAC-01A. Alternating amp setups: Nobsound NS-02G power amp & Philips Black Tulip 270 pre / Philips 380 power amp. Speakers: MBL 116F. Atratus3 i/c & Western Electric 16GA spkr cables. Missing Link Cryo Ref and Nordost Magus power cables

    Headphones: AKG 551, JBL Synchros S700, B&O H6, PSB M4U-1,Beyerdynamic DT-150, B&O Form 2 & 2a B&O U70, and Sony XBA-H1 & SoundMagic E10 IEM headphones

    2nd system: Pioneer DVD transport, Rotel RP-3000 tt / Goldring Eroica LX, Audiolab MDAC, Philips 370 power amp, Klegg Symphony 102 speakers

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    I'm Justin.


    I dunno but I just thought it'd be a "must have" Jerry accessory.

    JBL, MBL... is there a pattern there?
    Until we get there... just let it flow.

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